Learning to swim deemed essential in California


Dear Swim School Families,

As promised in my email earlier this week, below are ongoing opportunities to keep your family active, healthy, and social, all in a safe AVAC environment even with our Swim School pool being on pause.  Though our usual programs and facilities have changed significantly due to Purple Tier, the AVAC Swim School Team is still working full-time to provide classes for you and your littles for as long as it takes until we get back into the lower tiers.  Your existing learn-to-swim day and time is safe, and will resume once we notify you we're cleared to reopen our teaching pool.  Tuition is on pause unless you opt into one of our amazing opportunities, which start in December, by clicking on the link below.

As a local, independent, family-owned swim school, your tuition has helped us serve hundreds of families, employ our team, and pay our local vendors who work with us. Your patience and loyalty for the past seven and a half months has meant more than you can imagine, and I will never forget, and will never stop thanking you.  It would be my team's pleasure to continue serving you the next couple months with the programs below.  Lastly, at the bottom are reminders of our safety protocols and an opportunity for you to support AVAC by writing to Santa Clara County on our behalf.

AVAC's stance on operating during COVID remains doing what is legally allowed, putting the safety of families and our team first, and going above and beyond standard protocol.  As experts in our area, we also know that our programs are some of the safest in existence, that they contribute to the mental and social health of our families, and that our physical programs help prevent three of the top co-morbidities to COVID: obesity, hypertension, diabetes. 

The above being said, and in the spirit of wanting to survive as a business, stay safe, and contribute to the community, we've asked questions of Santa Clara County Public Health which they have not sufficiently answered

Please take a moment to review our concerns and consider emailing County Supervisor Mike Wasserman or Dr. Sara Cody,

  • Why are indoor body art, hair salons, nails, and others allowed to operate indoors but not an indoor pool for stable pods of children in a chlorinated/UV filtered environment?
  • Why are indoor pools that far exceed county ventilation requirements (because they are required to by design) lumped in with indoor offices, gyms, classrooms, and restaurants?
  • If outdoor air is preferable, why are you not permitting the AVAC Swim School to operate by opening the roof and removing window panels?  Why do the I-beams and limited overhang over the pool deck constitute an indoor pool?  Scientifically, how is this less safe than a tented restaurant with a roof and no HVAC?
  • County Public Information Officers go live weekly and cite their business enforcement approach as being "educational."  If so, why hasn't the county send an environmental engineer, or infectious disease expert, or similar to AVAC to address the above questions, and assist and re-opening as safe as possible.

I acknowledge this continual change is exhausting for all of our families as well as for our team.  This year, 2020, has certainly been a challenging year, which makes it even more important for us to focus on the things for which we are thankful - I am so thankful for all of you and your kiddos!

It is unfortunate that this pandemic continues to keep us distanced from each other and our loved ones, but we will keep moving toward that light at the end of the tunnel.  Here's hoping for a short tunnel! 

With so much gratitude,

Danielle Griffith-Jones