Safety Procedures

Before You Arrive:

  • • All swimmers should contact us to confirm lesson time or to sign up before coming in: Call 408.267.4032 or email us.
  • • Please, 1 parent/guardian per child at this time.
  • • Come prepared–– please bring your own towels, come dressed ready to swim.
  • • Pack light. Locker rooms & showers are currently closed other than for restroom use & diaper changing.
  • • Please prepare to "wrap and go" with your child & his/her towel promptly at the end of class.
  • • Use the bathroom before you arrive.
  • Time your arrival. Please arrive in just enough time to find parking & walk your child to class. Avoid arriving more than 10 minutes early which will help us mitigate congestion.

When You Arrive:

  • • Please park in the front AVAC® lot only. Currently, the two church lots on Carter Avenue are closed.
  • Masks are required for parents/guardians.
  • • Read & answer (to yourself) a series of health questions prior to check-in.
  • • Check in with AVAC® staff, using your child's name, under the awning at Swim School.  Please wait on a spacing marker if there is a line.
  • • Enter through the door at the front of Swim School.  Be prepared to take a contact-less temperature if you appear to have flu-like symptoms. Privacy & discretion will be honored.
  • • As you pass the Swim School Front Desk, let us know if you'd like a brief orientation to the new flow. A Team Member will show you around.
  • • Pool deck, locker room & gallery benches have been spaced appropriately for social distancing.
  • • One-way traffic flow on the pool deck – bubble arrows are placed throughout the deck to ensure one-way traffic flow.
  • • Parents/Guardians can go onto the pool deck to observe lessons but must follow arrows for one-way traffic flow.
  • • Parents/Guardians from different households must stay 6ft apart – bubbles placed on the deck will ensure proper social distancing.
  • • Swimmer/lesson progress updates will take place on the pool deck – parent/guardians will stay on bubbles placed on the pool deck & teachers will update them from the pool to ensure proper social distance.
  • • 6 ft social distancing in our shower areas – bubbles will help to ensure proper social distance. Pool Emergency Exit access to our front parking lot for families using the "Wrap & Go" system.
  • • One-way traffic flow to the locker rooms – arrows are placed throughout the hallway & locker room will ensure one-way traffic flow.
  • • Snacks & outside food will not be allowed at this time.