Masks will no longer be required for vaccinated individuals, unvaccinated individuals should continue to mask and we encourage all of our families to wear a mask while in Swim School.

Thank you for your patience and flexibility through all of the changes we have implemented.  We are aware of the various levels of comfort experienced by our parent community with regards to mask changes, and we appreciate everyone's cooperation as we move forward together.

Pool Deck Seating:
We ask our families to sit in the gallery viewing area to observe lessons. This will help with limiting cross traffic when calling & ending classes. We are asking this as a safety precaution for our Deck Supervisors and so our students have lessons free from any distractions.

• All teachers will call at the door & update parents in the shower areas.

Locker Room Use:
We ask that all families use the locker rooms for all changing before or after lessons.

Both back lots are open! As a reminder, these are strictly 5 MPH zones. Both lots will have limited parking Wednesdays & Sundays for church services.