The abundant fresh air from Open Aire's dynamic enclosures lets pool operators keep an ideal temperature & excellent air quality indoors, unlike traditional indoor swimming environments. Opening the roof & the walls (via doors & windows) creates a natural chimney effect, moving chemical laden air up & away from swimmers & staffers. Many pools that feature Open Aire structures report improved air quality & a more pleasant atmosphere, which encourages swimmers to take longer, more frequent stays in the pool area.

What is a UV filtration system?

UV treatment is short-wave ultraviolet light that has a photo-oxidation effect destroying chloramines & other toxic by-products of chlorine. This is done without adding any further chemicals to the water. Much less chlorine needs to be used to provide bacterial control, so water quality & atmospheric conditions are considerably improved.

The primary UV disinfection process destroys all bacteria passing through the filter. In particular, & unlike ozone systems, this protects bathers against bacteria in the filter re-entering the pool.