We've taken our already-super-safe environment & added Santa Clara County's social distancing protocol plus another 1000 square feet of outdoor air flow for the safety & peace of mind of you & your swimmers. To meet county requirements we've removed 1000 square feet of walls & windows for more direct outdoor airflow. We currently meets & exceed all outdoor airflow definitions.

Our Customer Service Reps are here to assist all day every day of the week, with barrier to remind us all to keep 6' away. Locker rooms are currently closed other than for bathroom use & diaper changing, so please come prepared. The viewing gallery is closed, but 1 parent per child is welcome to watch lessons spaced out on the pool deck, OR hang out outside until your lesson is over.

UV Filtration System

UV treatment is short-wave ultraviolet light that has a photo-oxidation effect destroying chloramines & other toxic by-products of chlorine. This is done without adding any further chemicals to the water. Much less chlorine needs to be used to provide bacterial control, so water quality & atmospheric conditions are considerably improved. The primary UV disinfection process destroys all bacteria passing through the filter. In particular, & unlike ozone systems, this protects bathers against bacteria in the filter re-entering the pool.