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Please print and return these forms prior to lessons:

Perpetual Cancellation Policy

We require a 30-day ONLINE notice to cancel your lessons. You will be charged for all classes during the 30-day period from receipt of the cancellation notice.  All requests must be made prior to the 18th of the month for the next debit.

Cancellation request

Report An Absence

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Makeup Lesson Request

AVAC Swim School® believes that children are most successful in a consistent learning environment. Therefore, we encourage your child to attend their regularly scheduled swim class as often as possible.

However, we understand that sicknesses, vacations, etc. do occur and our swimmers may not be able to attend their lessons. Therefore, as a courtesy to our customers, we offer one makeup class per calendar month. If your family is consistently missing more than one class per month, please let us know and we will assist you in finding a time that better suits your needs.

• To qualify for a makeup class, you must let the AVAC Swim School® know via our online form or in person.
• Makeup classes are based on availability and are not guaranteed. You may attend any Open Swim free of charge if you cannot find a makeup class that suits your schedule.
• Makeups must be booked in the month in which they were missed. If the missed lesson occurs during the last week of the month, the make-up can be booked through the 7th of the following month. (For example, if the class is missed on the 30th of the January, a make-up for the missed lesson can be booked anytime between the 1st and the 7th of February).
• We ask you not to schedule your makeup class more than 7 days in advance.
• We cannot guarantee the same teacher for your makeup class.
• Credits will not be issued for a missed class.
• Makeup classes do not accumulate
• Those coming twice per week are allotted 2 makeup classes per calendar month.
• Makeup classes cannot be rescheduled (you can’t make up a makeup).
• Those enrolled in Private or Semi-Private lessons may make up missed classes in a group class.
• We cannot provide makeup classes for the following students: Swimmers in first month of Starfish or Polliwog levels, Special Needs swimmers, Barnacles swimmers, Missed make-up lessons, Children over 3 in Private/Semi-Private classes, 5 -Day Summer Sprints & Pre-Comp Course

Adding an additional student to a class may disrupt the consistency and integrity of the class setting. We do not recommend makeup classes for your child if he or she:
• Is still upset or anxious about any aspect of the swim lesson experience (strangers, noise, separation anxiety, water, submersion, etc.)
• Is sensitive to change (time, teacher, environment)

If your child falls into one or both of the categories above, please use the Open Swim as your makeup option. 

Absence and Makeup Request


Summer Suspension

Need to take a break from swim this summer, but don't want to lose your spot? You will have the option to put your class(es) on hold for 2-4 CONSECUTIVE weeks, from June 11th - August 17th.   The summer suspension request form will go live on Friday, June 1st.  

Summer Suspension Rates
Group Classes: $15/week

You will be charged the discounted rate for the weeks you have suspended.  Summer suspension dates cannot be adjusted once the request is submitted.  Please be sure of the suspension dates you are requesting, you will not be able to attend classes after the suspension dates are put in.  

Please note: Pre-Comp, Private lessons, Special Needs classes and promotional lessons, like our Barnacles program, are exempt.  The suspension request is for class day and time, we can not guarantee the teacher of the class at the time of suspension.

Summer Suspension Request Form




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